We are the factory specializes in biodegradable products.
Buyers worldwide are satisfied with our products and services. We have acquired the trust of prestigious brands such as Ostin, Polo and JC penney. Not only that, but more than 30 customers join our clientele each year. For more than 20 years we have offered buttons, zippers and labels made from corn, polyester, urea, leather, silicon, metal and plastic. Behind each item are 150 R&D staff, including engineers, and 50 QC technicians. We roll out 100 new styles ever month, providing some inspiration for your new creations, complementing your current products or offering more variety to your customers. We can also complete a sample in seven days.
Your OEM and ODM orders are most welcome. Rely on our creative staff, advanced machinery, strict QC procedures and competitive prices. We also offer garment accessories under our brand. Please kindly contact us today for more details.
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